Why Is It So Important To Have A Productivity Mindset ?

Our time is very limited. Nearly half of it goes to our biological needs such as sleep, food etc. So, only 12-14 hours are left to do the other things. We better use them wisely.

Due to the incredible progress of communication canals and economic growth, we’ve become more exposed than ever to new products/services everyday. In 2014, a study made by Media Dynamics, Inc. reveals that a typical adult is exposed to an average of 360 ads per day. That’s a lot!

Marketers attempt to get our attention no matter the cost. Their ads have one goal which is to convince us to buy their product. Marketing has made everything looks like it’s important or it’s life-changing. We think that we need something when the truth is that we can be just fine without it. It became so hard to choose what to do with our time and energy.

I’m not against marketing at all. Actually, I do love marketing and I read a lot of stuff about it. But, too many tempting ads can distract us from the things that really matter.

What I’m trying to say is that life isn’t as simple as it used to be. Things got complicated. Now, we have countless choices in front of us. It’s really confusing. We go to the supermarket and there’s too much to pick from. The same applies to almost everything.

There are so many things that we wanna do. Unfortunately, we can’t do all those things. It’s sad, but true. Therefore, we need to decide which things matter the most.

We all want to succeed professionally and still have time left for our family, friends and hobbies. However, professional success demands a lot of time that can be at expense of our personal life. It’s here where productivity mindset becomes useful.


What Is A Productivity Mindset ?

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A productivity mindset is a personal asset. We can define it as “making the most out of your time and energy”. The major benefit of being productive is to be able to maintain a balance between your professional and personal life. Being productive will enable you to achieve life success and still enjoying every personal detail in your life.

People usually refer to personal productivity as industrial managers do. Personal productivity is not about getting more work done during the day. I know that you may have read it somewhere in the internet. I’ve read it too. But, it’s just one way to look at it.

Productivity mindset will allow you to use your minutes wisely. This doesn’t mean you’ll be working on every minute of your day. But, you will be able to get your tasks done and still have plenty of time left to meet your friends, exercise or do whatever you do in your spare time. It’s a WIN-WIN.

It’s not very hard to be successful at your work when all you do is working. I believe that life has more for us than just working our asses off all the time. It would be absurd.

I think that a perfect life is a life when you’ll be able to maintain a balance between work and personal life. However, it’s actually impossible to maintain a perfect balance where your work gets 50% of your time and energy and so does your personal life. No one has ever done it before.

Although, it’s possible to get close to that 50/50 balance. It’s okay if, for example, your work gets more time and energy. But, you need to keep the gap between them as small as possible. Having a productivity mindset will keep you close to that 50/50 balance.


Why Do You Need To Have a Productivity Mindset ?

prodcutivity mindset

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You’ll be amazed of how much time we waste on silly things that mean nothing to us. Most of the time, you don’t pay attention to them because you don’t have an established productivity mindset. You don’t think like productive people do.

Setting up a productivity mindset will solve all of your problems that are related to time management and getting things done. Here are the most important three benefits of having a productivity mindset.


Clear vision

A clear vision is the ability to know what and when something needs to be done. It’s relieving to have everything in order the way you want it to be. Obviously, the clear vision can only be acquired by having an organized schedule that covers all of your tasks. Scheduling is one of the results of having a productivity mindset. People who have a productivity mindset always keep track of their tasks and appointments.


As I’ve mentioned before, it’s really easy to be distracted in our world. It’s easy to get lost doing things that have nothing to do with your principles and goals. But, having a productivity mindset enables you to be focused. It enables you to say “No” to the things that are against your principles and values. It enables you to stay focused on achieving your goals no matter what.


Most of people tend to confound important tasks with urgent ones. They think that if a task is urgent then it’s important. But, it’s not always the case. Productive people have the ability to distinguish between high impact tasks and low impact tasks. Knowing how to prioritize and assess the value of each task is a very important skill. It enables you to put your time and energy in the right place.


There are other benefits of setting up a productivity mindset. But, they’re all derived from the three I’ve mentioned above. For instance having a clear vision helps you reduce stress and become calm all the way along.

Also, being focused enables you to live in the present by giving your 100% to your current task without having to worry about other things.


Final Thoughts

I hope that this article have helped you to realize that having a productivity mindset is crucial. Especially, for ambitious people who seek success in both personal and professional life.

I know that setting up a productivity mindset can be a little bit challenging at the beginning. It takes some serious efforts to finally establish a personal system of this level of organization. But, I think that it’s totally worth it because the rewards are big. It will ensure that you do everything that needs to be done in order to achieve your goals, and still being healthy and happy during the process.

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